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Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Greensboro NC

Surgical Tooth Extraction

When the tooth extraction requires an incision and raising a flap of tissue to get access to the tooth, it is called surgical. This is the case with most wisdom teeth extractions.

After a surgical tooth extraction you should do the following:

  • Take your prescription pain reliever as needed.
  • There will be swelling afterward. Swelling occurs the first day and then usually peaks the second day. If you continue to swell beyond the second day, you should contact the dentist, as you may have an infection.
  • You can minimize the swelling with ice packs applied to your face near the surgery area for the first two days, and then by keeping your head elevated at night.
  • Keep the area of the surgery as clean as you can. The gentlest rinse you can use when you've had a surgical incision is warm salt water.
  • Make sure you get rid of these food particles for proper healing. If your wisdom teeth were removed, it will be hard to keep the area clean, but it is extra important because those surgical sites are some of the most prone to getting infected.
  • Eat only soft things the day of the surgery: fluids, milk, ice cream, puddings, etc.
  • Starting the second day, you can start trying to eat other foods, but only if you feel up to it.
  • Your pain should lessen and your ability to open your mouth should improve some each day.
Oral Surgery, Wisdom Teeth Extraction Greensboro, NC

After a surgical tooth extraction you should NOT:

  • Smoke
  • Suck through a straw
  • Rinse your mouth vigorously
  • Brush your gums or clean teeth next to extraction site
  • Consume alcoholic beverages
  • Eat hot or spicy foods

Call your dentist right away if you have heavy bleeding, severe pain, continued swelling after two or three days, or a reaction to the medication.  After a few days, you will be feeling fine and can resume your normal activities.

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